Gold Happy Mirae Believes True Facial Rejuvenation is a Face Which Rejuvenates Organically

Gold Happy Aesthetic Clinic Facial Rejuvenation

골드해피미래의원 대표원장 김종환 박사 골드해피미래의원 동안리프팅 철학을 말하다
Dr. Kim of Gold Happy Mirae

The philosophical background behind GHL facial rejuvenation is to naturally remove facial wrinkles and return sagging skins to become firm and young. Today, there are many different types of lifting methods and customers must be aware of the difference.

Regardless of age or gender, the number of people visiting plastic surgeons and clinics for facial rejuvenation are increasing.

동안리프팅은 피부 속에 미세한 가시를 가진 특수한 실을 삽입하고 걸어 올림과 동시에 세포를 자극해 젊은 세포들을 만들어줘 피부 탄력이 되살아 나게 만드는
이다. 시술 후 피부가 서서히 올라 붙으면서 얼굴을 작고 탱탱하게 만들어 주는 역할을 한다.

Dr. Jonghwan Kim, MD, Ph.D. of Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetics Clinic, says, "Skin aging is not just about wrinkles. Skin aging shuts down the forehead and cheek skin, eventually sagging all the way down to the chin and neck. The GHL facial rejuvenation tackles the fundamental problem which is facial gravity."

The Gold Happy Lift facial rejuvenation solves the problem of aging by restoring facial vitality back. Conversely, a face full of vitality shows no symptoms of aging at all.

GHL Treatment Restores Facial Vitality

The GHL treatment uses two insoluble threads to semi-permanently resolve wrinkles by restoring the youth back to the face. The two threads fundamentally fight facial gravity to uplift the skin and function to regenerate new cells.

Dr. Kim of Gold Happy Mirae developed the Gold Happy Lift treatment providing many customers moisturized and young skin for up to decades.

The Gold Happy Lift's main advantage is that the results are non-artificial. The treatment will naturally uplift the skin and shrink the skin to its firm youthful state. The treatment does not focus on external appearance, rather the treatment focuses on real internal change. The enhanced effects come from the insoluble special Happy thread and 24K gold thread which firmly holds the face in a natural and healthy state.

After the treatment, customers can expect a semi-permanent result. Over time, the skin will become brighter, pores will get small resulting in sleek skin, and the skin will stay in a moisturized state. These are only some of the 5 SMILE+ effects of the Gold Happy Lift facial rejuvenation. The GHL treatment is special because it is a genuine facelift constantly developed under 26 years of real facial analysis.

The main difference between the GHL facelift and others is that the Gold Happy Lift procedure is non-subtractive. The treatment does not use any incisional methods or the removal of skin. Dr. Kim believes that such actions will in fact deteriorate the skin's vitality and will not bring natural results.

Gold Happy Mirae focuses on making customers' faces organically young. Dr. Kim says, "There are many patients greatly satisfied with the Gold Happy Lift treatment, especially after they see how their wrinkles are naturally resolved along with the parts of the chin and neck. The face will, over time, get a natural three-dimensional shape with volume, showing distinct facial lines where they should."

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