All you need to know about thread lifting procedures!

All you need to know about thread lifting procedures!

Gold Happy Mirae's director Jonghwan Kim features in the Korean Business Insider Show to share his insights on facelift procedures today and highlights the importance of insoluble threads.

From a medical point of view, incisional surgery is useful to maintain health and save lives in urgent situations. In regards to aesthetic plastic surgery, however, the use of scalpels in the pursuit of beauty presents problems that must be deeply considered. To reemphasize the previous statement, the ultimate form of beauty derives from the truth that there is no beauty without health. If scalpels are used for beauty purposes, it can result in traumatic harm: deterioration of the metabolism and the interruption of circulation.

Using a scalpel for beauty’s sake cannot be moral when there are effective alternative options to these procedures without scalpel incisions.

Moreover, using a scalpel for beauty’s sake can be a sin, even if there are effective alternative options to these procedures without scalpel incisions. In fact, in the early development of aesthetic plastic surgery, which began with reconstructive surgery, it was customary to use a scalpel during the procedure. However, it would be a contradictory medical act to make a wound using a knife in aesthetic plastic surgery, a wound that would then require another procedure to make it now appear as beautiful as well, creating an unwanted cycle of operations. Using a scalpel to make the skin look younger, morphologically is not the optimal method for true facial rejuvenation because it acts as a barrier to natural beauty. A true facial rejuvenation must meet both morphological and biological requirements.

The Happy thread that uplifts the skin against gravity which is inserted skillfully to maintain a balance of looseness and firmness

In a genuine facial rejuvenation procedure, both morphological and biological aspects must be rejuvenated, and a scalpel should be avoided or else there is a risk to natural beauty. The general public has a vague trust in the use of the blades since they have learned that the scalpel is used to save lives. One example would be appendicitis surgery, a procedure in which the appendix is removed via a knife for the treatment of the disease. In aesthetic medicine, however, it is impractical to use a scalpel if it is used with the intention of making a face look young again, and beyond merely just “looking younger.”

Consequently, it is crucial to make a young face by using a thread with morphological and biological improvements. Despite this, it is due to a lack of professional knowledge that there is a sense of refusal to use non-absorbable thread in facelift procedures. Even for incisional facelifts, it is necessary to use a non-absorbable thread to lift the saggy tissue in the face. If an absorbable thread is used, it will not be able to suspend gravity and will also struggle to maintain the lifting that is supposed to overcome gravity.

Then there will be questions over whether or not it is possible to turn an aging face into a young face again by using non-absorbable thread to suspend gravity. Therefore, the non-absorbable thread is used to suspend the gravity on the face while simultaneously inserting the gold thread to supply the area with nutrition for skin improvement. Besides, the standard incisional facelift procedure seeks to remove the sagging skin by scalpel so that the face can be easily lifted. In contrast, the GHL is the optimal way to solve a question that many patients are concerned with; “In regards to facelift procedures performed without a scalpel, what will happen to the remaining skin after the procedure?” The answer being that following the procedure, if the thread supplies abundant nutrients to skin cells while also suspending gravity and stimulating the tissue, the skin becomes thicker and tighter without cutting off any excess tissue.

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