Gold Happy Mirae June Event

💡 Event Period

2020년 6월 1일 ~ 2020년 8월 30일

📢 Event Details

1. GHL SMILE+ Package Full Face + Neck Lift 10% Off!

Area included in facelift: forehead, all eye area, chin, nasolabial folds, Indian wrinkles, lip wrinkles, lip lines
+ Neck Wrinkles + Hair/Head Area  effect!
※ Including these special offers: 2 years of free follow up consultation with free skincare and nutrition care treatment

A. Best Value GHL SMILE+ Package: Full Face Lift + Neck Lift + Head/Hair

단 한번의 시술로 얼굴 부위가 다 같이 좋아지는 GHL 리프팅 SMILE+ 패키지! 단 한 번의 골드해피리프트 시술로 🖐🏻5가지 SMILE+ 효과가 나타납니다. 녹지 않는 두 가지 실을 동시에 사용하여 반영구적으로 현미경적인 미세 자극이 쉬지 않고 작용하는 게 GHL 시술의 핵심입니다.

B. Free $100 value skincare + nutrition care on every follow-up visit!

Customers will receive free facial diagnosis, skin care and nutrition supplement care valued over $100 for just getting a free consultation. The total skin care process takes about 40 minutes to an hour that is the same treatment our existing VIP customers get.

C. Free facial diagnosis with 1:1 customer-oriented consultation

We invite you to our beautiful Gold Happy house to solve all your worries about your face on wrinkles. Our free 1:1 customer oriented consultation will answer all your wrinkle problems from our plethora success cases database.

2. Arms or Hands + Elbow Package Event 25% DC!

Get arms or hands treated with elbows as a package and get 25% DC.

📖 GHL Price Table
💛 골드해피리프트 (Gold Thread + Happy Thread) 👍🏻 Best Results
Package Name Treatment Area Threads Price
GHL 스마일+ 패키지 🍀 Full Face (Forehead/All Eye Area/Nasolabial Folds/Cheek/Lips/Chin)
+ Neck Wrinkles + Hair/Head
Happy 30 + 24K Gold 10 $9,900
GHL Face Package Full Face (Forehead/All Eye Area/Nasolabial Folds/Cheek/Lips/Chin)
+ Hair/Head
Happy 30 + 24K Gold 6 $7,900
GHL Mini Package Lower Face (Lower Eyes/Nasolabial Folds/Cheek/Lips/Chin) Happy 18 + 24K Gold 4 $4,900
GHL Neck Package Neck Wrinkles Happy 18 + 24K Gold 4 $4,900
💙 해피리프트 (해피실만 사용) 💸 경제적인 시술
해피 스마일+ 패키지 💰 Full Face (Lower Eyes/Nasolabial Folds/Cheek/Lips/Chin) + Hair/Head Happy 30 + 24K Gold 3 $4,900
HAPPY Mini Package Lower Face (Lower Eyes/Nasolabial Folds/Cheek/Chin) Happy 18 $3,900

💛 24K 골드 실의 효능

✨ 24/7 continuous cell promotion, skin nutrition, brightening effect, collagen generation and hair regrowth

💙 해피 실의 효능

✨24/7 continuous microscopic stimulation, face weight resistance, skin cell regeneration and sagging skin uplifting

💚 특수 부위 시술
Treatment Area Price Treatment Area Price
Tummy $4,900 Back $4,900
Breast $5,900 Thigh $4,900
Arms $3,900 Hands $3,900
Knee $2,900 Elbow $2,900

※ Surgery prices only in USD.
※ Not including Easy Trip costs (airfare, hotel).
※ Does not include VAT (10%)

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