GOLD HAPPY LIFT Introduced on Various Media Channels! 📺

Gold Happy Lift treatment was introduced on many sources of media as the surprising face lift that turns back time !

  • Korean Beauty Show - Goodbye Wrinkles Episode
Movie star Eunjung Han, former K-Pop idol Rainbow Hyeonyoung Cho and Chacha talk about face wrinkle solutions with Gold Happy Mirae's director Jonghwan Kim, who is a facelift doctor with over 26 years of experience.
  • Business Insider Show - All About Thread Lift

Gold Happy Mirae's director Jonghwan Kim features in the Korean Business Insider Show to share his insights on facelift procedures today and highlights the importance of insoluble threads.

Interview on China CCTV - Treatment that turns back time
Interview on MBC 9 PM news, That Place show, etc
MBC Special Morning show - Elastic face, stretch out wrinkles
KBS 9 PM news, Ask Anything! show, Celebrity News show
SBS 8 PM news, Morning Wide Live show, Discover TV, etc
Donga journal - Unique thread, 10 years younger
Donga journal - Aptos thread, stretch out wrinkles
Financial news - No more facelift using scalpels
Moonhwa journal - Finding the best aesthetic hospital GHL
World journal - Goodbye wrinkles, Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetic Clinic
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