The gold thread is a fine 0.1mm made of pure 24K gold that constantly supplies necessary nutrition to the face.


The gold thread used in the Gold Happy Lift treatment is a thin 0.1mm thread that is consisted of 99.99% 24k pure gold. The golden thread is categorized as a beneficial medical device that allows the skin to get better by inserting to the face. As a non-absorbable suture, the gold thread is used for wrinkle removal in aesthetic surgical procedures. The first treatments using gold threads began in Europe during the 1970s. Pure gold threads, as well as white gold threads, were used for facial treatments; however, there were problems of threads coming out of the skin because there were no thorns that firmly attached to the surface. To solve the problem, absorbable suture with big needles was used; however, because these threads were double layered, it was ineffective and damaged the skin. For example, chromic, when melted in the skin causes a lot of problems such as inflammations. At that time, famous French actress Catrin Neve underwent this surgery using such underdeveloped gold threads. The gold thread was continually studied and developed since, which now has evolved into a new form with a CE registration. Only through many kinds of research and efforts, mainly contributed by Dr. Pedro Orenes in the Madrid University of Spain, the gold thread has developed into a safe form that GHL currently uses as an aesthetic medical device.


The Effects of Gold Thread

The Effects of Gold Thread

The gold thread enhances the effect of blood circulation, promotes hormone secretion, and facilitates nerve communication. Gold is a type of metal that has long been associated with the history of mankind as the most human-friendly metal among all previous metals where there are even cases of edible gold in the consumer market.


Understanding Gold Happy Lift Treatment

How can the face return to its young, small, and firm state again without cutting the skin with a knife? How is it possible to break the laws of nature and become young again? This is possible due to a term called the reverse ballooning effect, which is easily explained in this post.


The Birth of Gold Happy Lift Treatment

Gold Happy Lift was born in 2003 as a full-fledged and genuine facial rejuvenation procedure that used two threads, Gold and Happy together for the first time in the world. Before GHL, the clinic used incisional methods for facial rejuvenation but soon saw limitations to the morphologically bound way. This made a realization that truly young skin should be treated organically from the inside, which became the foundation of the Gold Happy Lift method.

The Principles of Gold Happy Lift

The Principles of Gold Happy Lift

The basic principle of the Gold Happy Lift procedure is that you must lift your face to overcome gravity and restore the facial vitality. In such an ideal state, the face will regenerate new healthy young cells that can only be achieved by the insertion of threads technical enough to be firm yet stimulating to the face. It is the principle of the Gold Happy Lift treatment that through facial rejuvenation, your face will become young and healthy again with full of facial vitality.

The History of Gold Thread

The History of Gold Thread

In the history of humanity, it is estimated that gold was used in the West thousands of years before BC, and it was also found in the ancient Egyptian relics, the roots of Western civilization. In the Orient, not much is documented about the gold thread, however, it is common sense in the East that gold acupuncture has been used for medical treatment for a long time. Besides, gold has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs, especially after the death of the royal family, to preserve the body permanently in the state of mummies.

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