Happy thread is an insoluble 0.3mm thin thread that constantly resists gravity and biologically regenerates new cell within the skin.


The Happy thread used in the Gold Happy Lift treatment is a 0.3mm thread that grabs gravity, creates new cells, and keeps the skin firmly intact, which are crucial functions in facial rejuvenation. The term Happy derives from the happy procedure that does not involve the use of knives to make you look younger than before. Instead, without any subtractive or cutting of the skin, the biological GHL treatment makes your face not just look young, but become young again. The facial skin rejuvenates back to its young and healthy state in a natural process. Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetic Clinic's Dr. Kim began as a facial surgeon since 1994 with over 500 incisional surgical experience. However, he noticed a limitation to the method using subtractive methods using a knife in aspiration for authentic naturalness without any side effects. In the search for such procedure, Dr. Kim decided to drop the knife and later found a new insoluble thread from Italy called Aptos, that was much more simple yet effective as a facial treatment. As a result, Dr. Kim modified and upgraded the thread to his needs based on the surgical experience of hundreds of practice which now became the Happy thread, which received a KFDA license for manufacture. For many years, more than 50 Gold Happy Lift workshops were held to teach new doctors of this facial procedure. Through such various advancements, the Happy thread is now synergistically used with the Gold thread to focus on making customers' face healthy and young again semi-permanently.


Understanding Gold Happy Lift Treatment

How can the face return to its young, small, and firm state again without cutting the skin with a knife? How is it possible to break the laws of nature and become young again? This is possible due to a term called the reverse ballooning effect, which is easily explained in this post.

The Principles of Gold Happy Lift

The Principles of Gold Happy Lift

The basic principle of the Gold Happy Lift procedure is that you must lift your face to overcome gravity and restore the facial vitality. In such an ideal state, the face will regenerate new healthy young cells that can only be achieved by the insertion of threads technical enough to be firm yet stimulating to the face. It is the principle of the Gold Happy Lift treatment that through facial rejuvenation, your face will become young and healthy again with full of facial vitality.


The Birth of Gold Happy Lift Treatment

Gold Happy Lift was born in 2003 as a full-fledged and genuine facial rejuvenation procedure that used two threads, Gold and Happy together for the first time in the world. Before GHL, the clinic used incisional methods for facial rejuvenation but soon saw limitations to the morphologically bound way. This made a realization that truly young skin should be treated organically from the inside, which became the foundation of the Gold Happy Lift method.

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