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골드해피미래의원의 GHL 기술이 소개 되었던 다양한 언론 매체와 해외 활동을 알아보세요!

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Dr. Kim’s Academic Achievements Acknowledged by The Korea Herald!

Dr. Kim’s 26 years of philosophical, scientific, and artistic concepts of facial rejuvenation, hair regrowth, clinical studies, and academic achievements were acknowledged and specially featured by The Korea Herald in December. Dr. Kim was able to revolutionize facial rejuvenation to bring cosmetic surgery to an academic level for the modern civilization that values respect for truth and personal dignity.

📢 Events and Notice

Gold Happy Mirae December GHL Promotion

Customers will receive a $100 value facial analysis, skincare and nutrition treatment with a free consultation! The total care takes about 40 mins to 1 hour. Visit us at the Gold Happy House and we will kindly go over your facial wrinkle concerns in detail together. Don't miss out on this exclusive promotion!

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실제 고객 무보정 시술 사례

Check out some of the untouched real customers before and after photos from over thousands of GHL customers. The results will vary independently according to the treatment area and facial status. Overall, patients can expect brightening of the face, moisturizing, and sleek skin.

Dr. Kim of Gold Happy Mirae
👧🏻 GHL Facial Rejuvenation

Gold Happy Mirae Believes True Facial Rejuvenation is a Face Which Rejuvenates Organically

Dr. Jonghwan Kim, the director of Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetics Clinic, believes that skin aging does not merely manifest as wrinkles. The forehead and facial skin turn off in color, and the skin sags all the way stretching down to the jawline and the neck. Gold Happy Lift is a technique that resists gravity to create strong elasticity to reform wrinkles to its natural state.

📺 Media Activities

Gold Happy Lift Facelift Book 26 Years of Facial Analysis Published in English Text!

Dr. Jonghwan Kim, the director of Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetics Clinic published the book on genuine facial rejuvenation internationally in May 2019 now available around the globe! Gold Happy Lift The Last Face Lift You Will Need is a book developed under 26 years of facial analysis and research. The price of the book is $15.30 and now available on Amazon shipping worldwide.

📺 Media Activities

All you need to know about thread lifting procedures!

Gold Happy Mirae's director Jonghwan Kim features in the Korean Business Insider Show to share his insights on facelift procedures today and highlights the importance of insoluble threads.

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