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GHL Global represents genuine facial rejuvenation delivering real biological results to customers. GHL procedures aspire to make aesthetics great again not by making faces only look young but really young.


GHL Global Plan

Medical aesthetics is different from medical diseases, which exists for happiness; and happiness comes from the truth. Therefore, medical aesthetic methods must be true, but sadly, it is not in reality. GHL treatment is a procedure of truth and life that does not hide wrinkles and restores the skin of a young age without it. The GHL procedure is an entirely new cosmetic surgery that is faithful to the underlying philosophy of medical aesthetics in that sense. The GHL treatment incredibly reverts time to rejuvenated youth, and it is an utterly blissful procedure. The GHL Global Plan was created for doctors who are dissatisfied with the most essential cosmetic and medical treatment methods and longing for a new approach based on truth. Gold Happy Mirae Aesthetic Clinic’s Dr. Kim has devoted 30 years to the completion of GHL as a disciplined text and to implementing the GHL Global Plan, which is developed together with well-formed doctors, to promote GHL treatment and GHL Global Company of the doctors, by the doctors and for the doctors. We look forward to the participation of awakened doctors for the development of medical aesthetics that is appropriate for the modern civilized society.


Why? MAGA.

GHL Global together aspires to make aesthetics great again, not only to make faces look young, but to rejuvenate faces to be really young.

The Genuine Facial Rejuvenation With GHL


GHL Global Advantages

GHL Global aims to bring happiness for everyone, including customers, doctors, institutes, and society. The GHL Global Company is a union of genuine aesthetic doctors practicing ethical aesthetics procedures.

Role and Establishment of Holding Company

GHL 글로벌의 강한 경쟁력을 통해 연속적인 발전과 파트너들의 발전을 다 함께 도모하는 데 필요한 역할을 담당하는 컨트롤 센터 회사를 미국과 한국에서 공동 지분 투자하여 지주 회사를 설립합니다. 나스닥 상장을 목표로 전 세계적인 GHL 광고 집행, 서적의 광고 및 노출 그리고 파트너 및 센터 병원의 연수 교육 관리 및 집행, 공동 광고 등을 통해 그동안 보지 못했던 시술로서 프리미엄 브랜드의 인지도를 넓히고 동안 얼굴 및 탈모 시장에서의 입지 및 우위를 갖습니다.

Business Opportunities and Future Prospects

얼굴 노화의 가장 기본적이고 대표 증상인 주름과 탈모는 년 수십조 이상으로 뷰티 산업의 가장 큰 비중을차지하고 있습니다. 하지만 제대로된 과학적인 해결방법을 제시하지 못하고 있는 것이 의학계의 현실입니다. GHL 시술은 그 어려운 난제를 철학적이고도 과학적인 기본 개념에서부터 그 분석과 정의 및 치료방법까지 차원이 다른 새로운 방법의 솔루션입니다. GHL 시술의 가장 큰 시장 확장성은 그 동안 fake이라는 개념으로 미용 성형 시술을 외면했던 많은 새로운 고객들을 불러들일수 있는 뛰어난 정보 및 컨텐츠를 갖고 있으므로 온라인 광고 플랫폼을 잘 활용하여 엄청난 잠재력과 실제 구매력으로 연결하는 마케팅으로 프리미엄 브랜드로 무궁무진한 확장을 거듭할수 있습니다. 현재의 온라인 광고 시장에서 매우 뛰어난 성과를 올리고 있는 것은 이 사업의 확장성에 매우 고무적인 현상이라고 볼수 있으며 그 중에서도 가장 중요한 사업 성공의 요소는 누구나 부작용 없이 안심하고 시술 받고 예측할수 있는 결과와 종래에는 볼수 없었던 차별 된 시술이라는 것입니다.

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what DOES ghl global PROVIDE?

What GHL Global Provides

New GHL Concept

Procedure Skillsets

Hand Techniques





Hand-in-Hand Training Program

The GHL Global Hand-in-Hand Training Program is a scientific and philosophical international training system for foreign doctors in the GHL Head Office in Korea. The program is a sophisticated facelift training based on 30 years of GHL practice knowledge consisted of basic concepts and philosophy of both incisional and non-incisional knowledge requiring over at least twenty clinical experiences. It is an entitlement program that aims to attract and manage patients in hospitals around the world in systematic automation. 

Excluding the first and third phases of the patients that are involved in the learning of the GHL technique, we count 20% of the revenue generated in the second phase of the patients as an investment toward GHL Global Corporation, which makes you a stakeholder of the company. We will issue you a certificate of completion of the program, which states your stake in the company and your completion of the transfer of the knowledge of Gold Happy Lift procedure.

Hand Techniques & Experience

With over 16 years of incisional surgical experience and ten years of only thread facelift treatments, Dr. Kim mentions that the hand technique of the operator is most critical in face lift procedures to know precisely how the inserted threads will affect the area in the desired way.

Expertise & Knowledge

Understanding the anatomical structure of the face is not enough, and the technician must be conscious throughout the operation to know how the inserted thread at a specified area will function to generate new cells efficiently.

Verification & Cerfication

Dr. Kim encountered many doctors who gave up facing difficulties with the technical skillsets required for the procedure. The hand-in-hand training program carefully measures all aptitudes, including techniques, knowledge, and expertise to verify certified GHL doctors.


  • 제한 된 스케쥴 아래 보다 빠르게 진행되는 토탈 맞춤 GHL Global Hand-in-Hand 트레이닝 프로그램
  • 3 Days GHL Head Office Live Hand-in-Hand Training Program
  • 5 GHL Head Office Patients Surgery Process Management and Supervision
  • 3 Local Patients Surgery Guide and Domestic GHL Office Operational Setup


  • 안정적이고 체계적인 스케쥴 아래 진행되는 토탈 맞춤 GHL Global Hand-in-Hand 트레이닝 프로그램
  • 5 Days GHL Head Office Live Hand-in-Hand Training Program
  • 5 GHL Head Office Patients Surgery Process Management and Supervision
  • 5 Local Patients Surgery Guide and Domestic GHL Office Operational Setup

GHL Global Business

GHL 글로벌은 이 분야에 종사하고 있는 국제 의사들과 함께 자체 자본 없이 서로 쉽게 영업이 되도록 해주는 플랜입니다. 이것이 가능한 방법은 단 한 번의 시술로 얼굴을 젊게 만들어버리면서 탈모도 치료되는 획기적인 동안 얼굴 시술은 GHL 말고는 존재하지 않기 때문입니다. 진리와 생명의 GHL 시술은 임상적으로 쉽게 설명되고 확실한 결과의 전후 사진과 마케팅 홍보로 시장에서 우위를 점하고 있습니다. GHL 시술은 이미 지적 재산화 되어있고 얼굴 리프팅과 여성 탈모 시장에서 새로운 프리미엄 브랜드를 만들 수 있는 모든 요소를 갖추고 있습니다. 진리와 철학에 기반한 GHL 시술은 시장성이 확보된 프리미엄 시술로 GHL Global Hand-in-Hand Training Program을 이수한 의사들이 공동으로 발전해 나가는 방법으로 멤버쉽 제도로 관리하면서 글로벌 센터에서 공동광고 및 공동관리를 해나가는 것입니다. 트레이닝 프로그램 당시부터 나스닥 상장을 목표로 하는 지분투자가 되어 공동의 목표를 향한 글로벌 기업의 주주 자격으로 글로벌 기업을 함께 만들어가는 비즈니스입니다.

Incisional Face Lift and Hair Treatment Market

The price of full incisional facelifts only is set around $10,000 in regards to the costs of the North American market. The GHL treatment is the new non-incisional and biological method which resolves both wrinkles and even hair loss at the same time without any side effects. Currently, there is still no clear and effective treatment in the female hair loss market, many dependent on periodic treatment and wigs. The breakthrough GHL treatment is the perfect blue ocean for the hair loss market, which brings permanent results without any side effects.


Dr. Jonghwan Kim

GHL Global is a company made together by ethical doctors
to serve genuine facial rejuvenation to customers around the world.

Dr. Jonghwan Kim MD, PhD

Dr. Jonghwan Kim MD, Ph.D., invented the Gold Happy Lift technique, which is a non-incisional facial rejuvenation procedure with the use of two insoluble threads. Dr. Jonghwan Kim graduated from the Korea University College of Medicine and built his grand career as a medical specialist after studying aesthetic surgery to quench his thirst for beauty and medical care in Japan. As a medical artisan, Dr. Kim is happiest when his customers admire their five SMILE+ results while looking in the mirror. Dr. Kim stopped incisional operations after discovering ethical limitations with subtractive methods and started using only threads to facelift and return facial age and health decades younger.

Dr. Kim Celebrated by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Jonghwan Kim attained the biographical record of being listed in Marquis Who's Who for possessing professional integrity, demonstrating outstanding achievement in the aesthetics surgery fields, and having made innumerable contributions to society as a whole. Dr. Jonghwan Kim is an aesthetic plastic surgeon who devoted to the development of facial rejuvenation procedures for over 30 years in South Korea. Dr. Kim performed more than 500 incisional facelifts since 1994, and since 2003, he only practices non-incisional thread lifts as he is aware of the risks and limitations of incisional surgery. Dr. Kim ultimately believes that doctors must not just focus on making faces look younger on the outside but instead actually turn them younger under the skin by revitalizing the face full of life force.

International Book Author of Gold Happy Lift: The Last Face Lift You'll Ever Need

In 2019, Dr. Kim published his new book on genuine facial rejuvenation titled "Gold Happy Lift - The True Rejuvenation Lift." Through the Gold Happy Lift book, Dr. Kim wants to share his message abroad and emphasize the importance of ethical non-incisional cosmetic treatments. There are too many high-risk surgeries practiced naively by people without medical expertise that are growing by the day. In this book, Dr. Kim defines the new medical term of a "real young face" where he also discovers that many Gold Happy Lift female patients showed hair regrowth along with the five SMILE+ facial rejuvenation benefits of GHL treatment. Dr. Kim answers questions such as "what is a real young face" and emphasizes the three essential factors to achieving a real young face: autonomously resisting gravity, continually stimulating the skin tissue to regenerate new cells and to supply nutrition to the face actively. The book profiles detailed data, photos, and knowledge of over ten years of studying and analyzing real patients' facial rejuvenation results.

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